Ages of geological formations or secondary events (i.e. alteration or metamorphism) can be determined through using a Geochronology lab for the following dating methods: K-Ar, (Ar-Ar), U-Pb, Rb-Sr or Sm-Nd. These analytical procedures include several steps:

  1. Dating method selection
  2. Sample collection
  3. Sample preparation, mineral separation and treatment
  4. Irradiation of the samples in a nuclear reactor for the Ar-Ar technique
  5. High precision determination of the concentration of the mother and daughter isotopes by TIMS (thermal ionization mass spectrometry)
  6. Apparent age calculation and interpretation of the results

Actlabs Geochronology services provide dating methods for all types of geological samples through use of modern analytical facilities. We can advise on selecting the method of dating, sampling and interpretation of the data so that meaningful geological results are obtained.


Geochronology and Radiogenic Isotope Analysis
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